Lab Director Responsibilities Solution Package


Lab Director Responsibilities Solution Package

Have you taken on new supervisory, management, administrator, or director-level responsibilities? This package will get you up to speed on implementing or running a quality management system, managing documents, and fulfilling leadership and management responsibilities.

Topics covered in this package correspond to CLSI QSE Organization and ISO 15189 sections 4.1 Organization and management responsibility, 4.2 Quality management system, and 4.15 Management review.

Documents in this package:

  • QMS05 | Quality Management System: Qualifying, Selecting, and Evaluating a Referral Laboratory, 2nd Edition
  • QMS25 | Handbook for Developing a Laboratory Quality Manual, 1st Edition
  • QMS02 | Quality Management System: Development and Management of Laboratory Documents, 6th Edition
  • QMS14 | Quality Management System: Leadership and Management Roles and Responsibilities, 1st Edition
  • QMS01 | Quality Management System: A Model for Laboratory Services, 4th Edition

This package is available in electronic format only.

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