Interpretive Criteria for Identification of Bacteria and Fungi by Targeted DNA Sequencing, 2nd Edition

This guideline includes information on sequencing DNA targets of cultured isolates, provides a quantitative metric for perceiving microbial diversity, and can serve as the basis to identify microorganisms. By establishing interpretive criteria for microorganism identification by targeted DNA sequencing, this guideline provides structure to laboratories that identify microorganisms for medical use.

This edition of the document was corrected in November 2018. Read the full correction notice here and more about our correction process here

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Chairholder: Cathy A. Petti, MD

Date of Publication: July 16, 2018

ISBN Number: 978-1-68440-012-6

Order Code PDF: MM18Ed2E

Order Code Print: MM18Ed2

Edition: Second

Pages: 152

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A guideline for global application developed through the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute consensus process.